A Duck Gets Dressed

Anonymous asked: Duck, glad to see you're back up. Hope all is well in The Commonwealth. Here is a well worn topic but one of which I'm still debating. I'm in the market for a real utility loafer. One that I can wear with khakis to supper and drinks on Friday , then slip on with shorts Saturday afternoon, and then wear with a coat and tie to church on Sunday. I'm torn between Alden 984 and the new Rancourt Weltline in Color #8. Shells are out of the budget. Thanks for your advice and welcome back.

It’s hard to beat a pair of Alden loafers and no need to worry about shell, I have calfskin and shell and they’re both top notch. As far as the 984 goes, it’s exactly what you need. It’s a utility loafer and you’ll look good anywhere in it. Call me when you take the jump into bit loafer land,I’ve got six pairs I need to take a picture of.