A Duck Gets Dressed

Anonymous asked: What cut of Levi's do you wear? Thanks.

Levis 501’s

Anonymous asked: Duck, old boy, spring will soon be here. What are some seasonal transitions that you enjoy at the pond? Stay good and keep us updated from time to time.


What am I looking forward to?  Shorts, long days at the beach with Kensi, eating outdoors, the sound of crickets and tree frogs, grilling out, daffodils, drinks on the patio and walks to get ice cream with Kensi. 

That’s my father, pulling oysters for breakfast.

That’s my father, pulling oysters for breakfast.

I’ve got beer and a sled

I’ve got beer and a sled

I do enjoy a Argentinian belt.

I do enjoy a Argentinian belt.

postgradfrat asked: Doing my routine stalking of your blog and I have to ask, what size do you recommend if I'm ordering a Shaggy Dog on the internets? I need length in the sleeves but don't need too much real estate in the body. I'm a 43l SC but I'm 6'6. Thanks in advance homie

I would guess that a Large is your best bet.  I’ll get mine out tonight and take some measurements for you.  I’ll post those tomorrow.

Thanks for stalking, always appreciated


THE best Christmas card so far. From Harry, my mom’s next door neighbor.

Everyone look at this, it’s incredible. 

Anonymous asked: Duck, who makes these britches you're wearing in recent pictures? Need some wool togs, flannel and otherwise.

Most of my wool pants are from J. Press and old stock LL Bean.  The LL Bean pants aren’t made the same in any way these days so I would advise against them.  Brooks is pretty poor as well, so I would recommend Press and Sid Mashburn for winter pants. 

Anonymous asked: Duck, watcha drinkin tonight?

It was a pretty low key night for me, I had Singha with the Wild Boar Basil at a local Thai restaurant.  Thanks for asking, keep it up

Enough with the pictures of Bean Boots placed conveniently near a pile leaves or a blanket.